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AIMMS is VU Amsterdam’s molecular research accelerator

Kickstarting the next big discoveries in food, pharma, environmental & life sciences


Paul Nederkoorn appointed as endowed professor of Valorization of Science and Technology


AIMMS researchers win €5M NWO Perspective Grant for the plant-based fermentation proposal


MIMETAS OrganoPlate® Challenge Winner Selected


What are the next killer applications of mass spectrometry?

Mass spectrometry (MS) is playing a crucial role in a wide range of life sciences applications.

What are the upcoming advancements and how can we drive further innovation at this frontier?

AIMMS 2023 Festival Recap

150 scientists and industry collaborating and pushing science further

My vision is to foster faster scientific breakthroughs with dynamic collaborations & partnerships. We have rockstar scientists ready to tackle complex societal challenges.

Bas TeusinkChief Science Officer AIMMS

We design and make molecules

We measure and monitor molecules

We understand and control molecules and their interactions




220 FTE

PIs & PhDs








Environmental & Life Science

Participate in our societal impact challenges.
Magic happens when we work together.

How can we eradicate the use of testing animals in the life sciences?

WHY? There is a societal push to move away from animals and a scientific pull from new technologies (in cell culturing, possibly AI/modeling) and awareness that mice are not good models for humans.

How can we prevent antibiotic resistance from becoming our next pandemic?

WHY? Infectious diseases are on the rise due to AMR and a serious threat for humans (and animals).

How can we identify targets in complex biological systems? Should we aim for more than one and is that possible?

WHY? Low hanging fruit in pharma with the one target one drug is harvested and this model is under pressure. What are the options?

Personalized medicine, nutrition and toxicity: how to unleash its potential?

WHY? Improved quality of life (efficative drugs with no off target effects, personalized diets with specific health benefits, awareness of sensitivities to toxic compounds)

Foster new collaborations

Engage top scientists from established  professors to ambitious PhDs

Host a hackathon
Sponsor a scientific challenge

Hire a hit squad

Need brain power to kickstart thinking? Have a big issue you want to tackle?
We want to build teams around your objectives and have  multi-disciplinary team ready to help.

Featured Challenge

Food Hackathon

We recently hosted a food hackathon to kickstart ideas in response to chemistry for the protein transition together with industry partners. 

Discover new talent

Find your next hire through applied science

Life at AIMMS

What is it like to work with bright minds accelerating science? Dynamic, insipring and collaborative.

Meet our Scientist: Catalin Bunduc

Each month we are introducing our scientists, their work and the impact they want to make in the world. This month is Catalin Bunduc, receiver of the Veni Grant.

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