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Life at AIMMS

Our mission is to positively impact life and our environment by accelerating molecular scientific breakthroughs.


Experiment - Have freedom to explore new ideas

Get seed funding for research, tackle incentive based challenges, service private sector partnerships and work in multidisciplinary teams


Shape - Build your external voice

Through publishing, networking events, speaking opportunities and thought leadership


Support - Develop technically and professionally

From established PIs to industry experts, there is plenty of support to help you develop both technical and soft skills.

For scientists with bold ideas, AIMMS is the place for us to experiment and be supported to push our research further.

Multidisciplinary Challenges

What impact do you want to make on the world? Via challenges, you can work together to help push science further and tackle big societal issues. The purpose is to think outside our indidivual expertise areas and demonstrate the power of collaboration.

Soft Skills Development

Doing great science is key but developing professional skills are equally important. AIMMS is responsible for fostering research collaborations but also to help you write and present effective pitches, tips to work with industry partners, advise on IP protection and more.

PhD Poster Reviews

Poster reviews from our PhD's are a great way to learn more about the science within AIMMS and get closer to our highly skilled talent. We regularly have sessions to share and develop our soft skills while presenting the posters.

Industry Partnerships

Working together with industry to showcase the cutting edge science each other are doing or to demonstrate the power of collaborations between industry and academia, the magic happens when both are sharing, collaborating and pushing science further.

Networking amongst colleagues

Find your next talent, discover your next career move or spark a research collaboration by interacting with the bright minds within AIMMS. Fostering relationships is key to the culture AIMMS is creating.

Serious Fun

All work and no play is no fun at all. Activities such as friendly get togethers, interactive lunches, small, medium and large scale events will provide plenty of opportunities to get together.

AIMMS is the place to experiment and push scientific research further by proactively seeking fresh ideas.

A combination of Academic, Business, Strategic and Functional Expertise with a collaborative mindset.

Our Values

Be Imaginative

Kickstarting life-changing discoveries in the areas of health & environment

Be Curious

Celebrate the role science plays in society to tackle significant challenges, intellectual, societal, educational

Be Collaborative

Spark dynamic collaborations with mixed-disciplinary scientists from enterprise & academia with bolder ideas, larger funding opportunities

Be Accessible

Open and inviting for PhD Students and private sector partnership alike

Be a Destination

Reputation for world class resources and technical capabilities

Where solutions start