The topic of animal testing is complex and raises ethical, scientific and practical considerations. There is a societal push to move away from animals and a scientific pull from new technologies (in cell culturing, possibly AI/modeling) and awareness that mice are not good models for humans. AIMMS will accelerate the development of new technologies and scientific applications to move away from animal testing for good.

At our AIMMS festival we discussed the options, and the Mimetas Challenge [link] was one tangible outcome. We have several model systems, including multicellular, organoid and cell culture systems, as well as computational models and data science, to develop effective alternatives to animal models.

To spark ideas, we asked the following questions:

  1. Which fundamental problems need to be solved?
  2. Which expertises and disciplines are needed to solve this grand challenge? Are these available in AIMMS?
  3. What are the milestones that need to be met to solve the challenge? What are their dependencies and chronological order?
  4. How can we kick start this? Which funding options are possible? Which companies should be interested?

Highlighted Results

  • To be completed

AIMMS Expertise covered

  • Model systems
  • Bioinformatics and AI/ML
  • Imaging
  • Metabolism
  • Toxicology
  • Signalling
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Systems biology