Challenging scientists to propose how they would use a highly innovative technology? Big ideas, big opportunities.

The idea for the AIMMS-Mimetas was ignited at our 2023 Festival, where our researchers had a deep brainstorming session around finding alternatives for animal lab tasing – one of the expertise areas within AIMMS.
Mimetas, the organ on a chip company proposed a great challenge for AIMMS researchers to develop a proposal of how to use their innovative technology.

The AIMMS-Mimetas challenge was kicked off with a seminar with one of our own experts in alternative in vivo testing – Anja Wilmes – and an expert from Mimetas – Dorota Kurek – who showed the endless possibilities with their technology.

AIMMS researchers that participated had the chance to win three culture plates plus one month access to the Mimetas e-Learning module and the opportunity to partner with mimetas to help them with their research in a potential public/private collaboration. Furthermore, all challenge participants got a deep discount on Mimetas’ culture systems.

Highlighted Results

  • Three teams handed in a plan for novel use of the organoplates
  • Elisabeth Naderlinger, Lenya de Brouwer, and Olivia Klatt won the challenge with an idea to investigate if they can improve the maturation status and transport capacity of kidney cells.

Challenge leaders

  • Anja Wilmes
  • Dorota Kurek from Mimetas

AIMMS Expertise covered

  • Imaging
  • Model systems
  • Metabolism
  • Toxicology
  • Signalling
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Systems biology